Receiving a call back to be scheduled for an interview is the first step towards securing a job in a nursing home facility. It means you’ve already passed the initial test—your resume aligns with the position’s core requirements. To stand out against the competition, all you need to do is make an excellent impression on the staffing admin.
Understanding the hiring process from the admin’s point of view will help you ace your interview. While each facility is slightly different, in general, here are the key qualities admins seek out when recruiting new nurses.

A Professional Look

Staffing admins expect candidates to arrive looking well put together. Presenting yourself professionally shows that you truly want the job. Further illustrate your preparedness by bringing several copies of your resume to discuss your qualifications with multiple people.


You’ve already captured their interest with your resume. Now, it’s time to show management you’re confident in the skills, experience, and education you described in your application. Show confidence by making eye contact and answering questions directly. If you need a moment to come up with an answer, start by saying, “That’s a great question,” to give yourself a few more seconds. Don’t be shy when discussing your past achievements; this is your opportunity to sell yourself.


Turnover is notoriously high in nursing home facilities. Employers want a break from the perpetual search for committed nurses. Let your interviewer know that you’re seeking a long-term opportunity where you can stay and grow to set yourself apart.


Illustrate the fact that nursing isn’t simply a job for you. Instead, you go above and beyond and truly love your work. If the opportunity arises, cite specific examples about what draws you to the work. Perhaps it’s being a source of comfort for patients, or maybe it’s the fact that no two days of work are exactly the same. No matter the case, speaking passionately about your work will help the admin see that you’re a dedicated employee they’d be fortunate to have on their team.

Questions from the Candidate

Employers appreciate questions from candidates. One reason is that it shows you truly want to find a good match, instead of settling for a temporary position you’ll leave within a few months. (While finding a good match will personally benefit you, it will also be an advantage to the facility). Also, it gives the impression that you’re serious about the position and want to know as much as you can so you can perform your job well.

A Growth-Oriented Mindset

No one comes into a new job knowing everything, so admins look for candidates who are willing to learn and grow. In your new role, you may learn about processes and workflows that are specific to the facility. Show that you have an open mind by indicating your flexibility and eagerness to learn if the job requires it. Even if you aren’t asked about learning outright, you might still be able to briefly mention your willingness to develop new skills or adapt to the work environment.


Patients and their families expect nurses to provide care with a personal touch. Being personable is important in nursing facilities, as it allows you to converse freely with patients. On some days, you may be one of the only individuals they interact with. A great nurse is one with all of the required “hard” nursing skills who also brings traits such as compassion and character to the role.