FAQ – Nurses

Are there any fees to use the platform?

No! There are no fees for our healthcare professionals to use the platform.

How is Mutual Nursing different from other recruiting agencies?

The short answer is that we are not a recruitment agency. Recruiting agencies tend to work for their clients. At Mutual Nursing, we work for you. We let the client search for the talent, not the other way around.

Is Mutual Nursing a recruiting agency?

No. We are not a recruiting agency.

How does Mutual Nursing work?

Please refer to our process page here for a detailed explanation of our process.

Who will be my employer? The nursing facility I’m placed in, or Mutual Nursing?

The nursing facility will be your only employer.

Why are you asking me for my preferences in shifts and location?

The beauty of our process is that we will only match you to a facility that fits your personal needs. By asking these questions in advance, you avoid showing up to an interview only to discover that the facilities’ needs do not match your own.

Are there sign-on bonuses?

It depends on the facility. If there are sign-on bonuses, we will send them to you as part of the offer so you can make an informed decision.

Who receives the sign-on bonuses?

They go directly to the nurses. We have no involvement in that part of the process.

Do I get to choose which facility I get to work in?

Yes you do. After matching your profile with our facilities, we send you the facilities that are interested. You get to decide where you would like to start.

Do I need to be a certified nurse?

Yes. You need to be certified in the state you are looking for employment.

Why do you need my personal information?

In order to match you with the facilities that work for you, we need your information and resume to send to the facilities.

How much will I get paid?

It depends on the facility. We will send you that information when we send you your matches for your profile.

After I get a match, how do I continue?

It depends on the facility. Usually, they will call you in for a job interview.

Do you interview the nurses?

No. As we are a referral agency, we provide your information directly to the facility.