Whether nurses are just starting out in their career or looking to change employers, they often consider two main options when looking for a job: working for a staffing agency or working directly for a single nursing facility. For many nurses who don’t know where to start, staffing agencies may seem like an obvious choice. They offer new opportunities and ensure scheduling needs are met. Plus, they take the challenge of finding an employer out of the equation entirely.

Yet, there are also many benefits to working directly for a nursing facility. Here are some to consider.

1. Stable income with benefits

Working directly for a facility means you’ll get a stable income, and if you stay with the employer for the long term, you’re also likely to see annual raises. This may not be the case with staffing agencies, since you’ll be working at whichever location needs you. Working directly for a nursing facility also gives you the opportunity to enjoy perks such as PTO, medical benefits, retirement plans, and sometimes even continuing education opportunities.

2. Predictable shifts

Even though staffing agencies only schedule you for work when you’re available, you still won’t know in advance when your shifts will be. As a result, you may find it difficult to make plans and have less overall predictability to your schedule. If you prefer a structured full- or part-time work schedule, working directly for a facility is the better option.

3. Established relationships

When you work for an agency, you may see similar faces as you take shifts in the same facilities over time. Yet, when you stay in the same facility, you’ll have more of an opportunity to build strong professional relationships working with the same colleagues side-by-side during every shift. Plus, you’ll get to know your patients and their needs better than if you had to switch workplaces frequently.

4. Familiarity with your role & work environment

Your nursing title won’t be different whether you work for a staffing agency or one facility, but each work environment is slightly different. Working for an agency means you’ll have more “first days,” in which you’ll have to get oriented with new processes. When you work for one facility long-term, you’ll be able to settle into a routine, allowing you to gain confidence in your role and responsibilities.

5. Opportunities to advance

Nursing facilities often promote from within. There’s a shorter learning curve for existing employees, management already knows what to expect from the employee’s work performance, and recruitment costs are lower. As such, you may be more likely to see advancement opportunities when you’ve been working with the same facility for some time versus trying to find a more senior position elsewhere.

Clearly, there are obvious advantages to working directly for nursing facilities as well as working for a staffing agency, but these benefits only pay off if you’re working for an employer who meets all your needs. Mutual Nursing gives you the best of both worlds by streamlining the hiring process—we match nurses with the facilities that fit their requirements—and allowing them to work for a facility they love to reap the long-term benefits. Get started on your journey to finding the best employment opportunities by sharing your job preferences with us today.